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The work I create is reactionary and derived out of a direct process of working with less typical, more untraditional materials. I am fascinated with human interaction and strive to incorporate movement and participation into my art so that my viewers can feel as if they are a crucial factor in the experience and overall existence of the work itself.


A portion of my work explores the viewers themselves as they are engaged with and encouraged to contribute. This then visualizes the existing community, ultimately providing a level of comfort and encouragement to later viewers of the artifacts. I also explore more abstract, installation-based work that is largely personally derived. It is a representation of the partially controlled chaos that is my inner self. 


I choose my materials based mainly around the concepts behind everything I create. I’ve come to realize that materials can be the key to understanding the true depth and meaning behind a piece of art. They carry weight as recognizable elements within the work. They can also serve as elements of symbolism which allows the work to resonate with people on a deeper level as they can associate it with personal experiences.


Creating is a therapeutic practice for me as it is where I am my most authentic myself. It makes me feel confident, like I belong, and like the world around me makes sense. I want my work to enable my viewers to experience those same feelings of safety and confidence while also recognizing the occasional presence of chaos and pain. Which serves to represent that these mindsets can coexist in your life without destroying you. It's all about balance and acceptance. 


Throughout my entire life, the one thing I’ve always known I was meant to do was help people. The negative stigma that surrounds the overarching topic of mental health within our society is my largest motivation to do so. I understand the darkness and the pain, but I also understand how changing our perspective, both within ourselves and as a society overall, is the first step in overcoming the negativity and eliminating the stigma.


I strive to use my art as a catalyst for something much larger than just itself. My work serves to educate people about the mental health crisis plaguing our world and to generate thought and conversation around it. There is a need for a community that offers a safe space for people to feel seen and understood so that we can collectively redefine our outlook on mental health. Knowing you are not alone in your experiences makes the journey a bit less difficult to endure, so to anyone who may need this: I hear you, I see you, and I am here for you.

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