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Summit, New Jersey native Brittany Coburn has never known a life without a passion for all things creative. Forever a Daddy’s girl, she spent most of her childhood at her father’s workbench being guided by her imagination and eagerness to learn. As an adult, she followed in both of her Parents footsteps and received her BA (Studio Art) from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY. While she was originally set on pursuing architecture, her father encouraged her to take a sculpture class with one of his former professors, and from there, she never looked back.


As a conceptual artist with an ever-growing list of fascinations, Brittany embraces a variety of materials and processes to bring her ideas to life. Her creative process is sporadic and unconventional, she often describes herself as someone who thrives off of chaos and the unknown. She is inspired by the world around her and channels her life experiences into her creative process. Brittany’s work is born out of the overarching goal of confronting the negative stigma that surrounds Mental Health in our society.


Brittany currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she is pursuing her MFA in Sculpture at The Savannah College of Art and Design. She spends her spare time coaching gymnastics, teaching children’s art classes, going thrifting for inspiration, and exploring her new city.

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